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MEOW! (2023)

in collaboration with Meaghan Robichaud

video & sound design by Matthew Antoci

facilitation & lighting by Theresa Buchheister

Named one of the year's "Biggest Revelations" on Staff Pick's End of Year List, 2023

?!: New Works Festival

The Brick

June 20 & 22, 2023


The Tank

August 5, 2023

photos by David Rauch

A resurrection, a party, a Beckettian cry for help via the beloved 1975 documentary, Grey Gardens. Two brain-fried oracles, Crisis and Kristina, descend upon the beaches+ruins of Grey Gardens, seeking meaning in the trash-heap of modern life. Taking the form of a gonzo drag spectacle, the piece blends Americana and contemporary spiritualism with traditions of queer performance, like genderfuck and the Blacklips Performance Cult.

costume supervision by Meaghan Robichaud

filmed by Erica Vanessa Ayala

curated by The Brick

partially developed at FORGE Fuel Writer's Retreat

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