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Determined to find something between the kvass and malaise of Chekhov's Three Sisters, an ensemble of twenty theatre artists attempt to reshape a four-act play into a website. Experimenting with dramatic forms in isolation, the project is an exploration of the structures that dominate theatre-making and a challenge to what defines performance.


Performance Matthew Antoci, Matt Bader, GraceAnn Brooks, Nicolle Cooper, Ammon Downer, Jamie Feidner, Willow Giannotti-Garlinghouse, Abigail Hilditch, Emma Joy Hill, Oonagh Kelly, April Ella Lichtman, Robert Liniak, Lizz Mangan, Tyler Nowakowski, Kelly Shannon

Dramaturgy Matthew Antoci, Beth Brownrigg, Julianna Iacovelli, Emma Joy Hilll, Lizz Mangan


Design Willow Giannotti-Garlinghouse, Kelly Shannon, Adrianna Simmons, Xurui Wang


Website Design Matthew Antoci, April Ella Lichtman

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